Kelcrete (Qld) Pty Ltd is a proud Australian owned and operated Company based in Queensland with offices in Gympie and Brisbane. Our main service areas are Queensland and Northern New South Wales. We also travel Australia wide and Overseas. We specialise in the construction of slipform machine laid kerbs, kerb and channel, barrier walls, footpaths, bikeways, dish drains etc.


KELCRETE was established in 1986 by Shaun Kelly who still oversees the daily operation of the Company. Shaun has 38 years of experience in the kerbing industry. Shaun started his kerbing career in 1976 in the family kerbing business N M Kelly & Co as a slurry mixer progressively working his way up to a kerb finisher/ operator learning all facets of the kerbing industry through this time. In 1986 Shaun with wife Robyn started their own kerbing business Kelcrete, which focused mainly on extruded kerbing. In 1993 Kelcrete became involved in slipform barrier walls and bikeways adding these to its portfolio of products offered. By 1998 Shaun had realised the need for a strong product in the kerbing industry, so purchased an Arrow 350 slipformer for placing smaller kerbs on concrete over re- bar, traffic islands etc and then in 2009 purchased an Arrow 750xl kerb and channel slipformer so Kelcrete could offer customers a total slipform package. Needless to say, the reliability and performance of the Company’s slipform equipment continues to play a significant role in Kelcrete’s ongoing success and growth.

“As is the case with any construction project, the quality and performance of the equipment and materials that you use are critical factors in achieving the required result. Poor quality workmanship, unsuitable or poor quality materials and badly designed, inefficient or unreliable equipment will only ever deliver a second-rate result.”

Shaun has now moved the main focus of Kelcrete into slipform kerblayers.