Our Beliefs



Kelcrete’s aim is to bring the kerbing industry into the 21st century by educating people in the long term cost benefits of using the slipform process. We take a very professional approach to the industry and look outside the box for new ways to improve the industry and find more cost effective ways we can do things. Slipform kerbing is the new era in kerbing as it gives the developer and local authorities a product that is structurally sound and can stand the test of time.

“We’ve been using slipform equipment for over 13 years and it plays a major role in helping us to achieve the high quality results that we need and our customers demand.”

Kelcrete has competent staff, well maintained equipment and a commitment to satisfy and exceed customer requirements through innovation and hard work. We put quality, service and safety ahead of profitability and to ensure good lines of communication with our customers and members of our staff to maintain a safe and contented workplace.


Because we are a proud Australian Company we realise there is a need to be building a product that will serve our country well and reduce whole cost of life of the product for our tax/rate payers. We believe it is our duty to use equipment and know how to build a better structurally constructed Australia for future generations instead of the wham bam take the money and run attitude which contaminates the industry now. Each year local government authorities and state road authorities waste billions of dollars on poorly built infrastructure throughout Australia. They are faced with enormous costs for the reconstruction of badly constructed kerbs which, in some instances, are in need of repair or replacement even before the paint has dried on the final house in the new subdivision.

Considering that infrastructure of this type should have a nominal life span of some 50 years or more, it begs the question why is it allowed to happen.